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Through our fundraising launch party at Francis Kite Club we have already raised over $7,000.  We have a remaining goal of raising $14,000 to help cover the costs of creating and operating Zero Art Fair this summer. We can't do this alone, and we are committed to paying the people and businesses needed to make the fair happen and making sure artists don't have to subsidize their participation.  We will be publishing our budget here to make the process transparent to funders. 

You can make a financial contribution using the Donorbox window here, or you can go directly to our Donorbox page.  Funds will be processed with the Stripe payment system through Donorbox.  PLEASE NOTE: if you're payment doesn't go through, please check with your bank to see if there are any fraud settings that might have prevented the payment from processing.  

We also currently do not have non-profit status or fiscal sponsorship to make this donation tax-deductible for the first iteration of Zero Art Fair.  If the project moves forward, we will work on securing non-profit status to make contributions tax deductible. 

We will scale our project to the funds we are able to raise through individual contributions and sponsorship, but It's still possible that the fair will happen online only, in which case early supporters at the $500 level or above will still receive early access to available works. But in the unlikely event we can't put the fair on this summer we will be offering funders a choice: a refund of contributions to the greatest extent possible; a choice of available artworks by participating artists; or we can retain the funds to work towards realizing the fair next year.  This choice will be up to the funder. 

Available Prints 

Jennifer Dalton
Small Flashlight
Archival digital print
14" x 11"

William Powhida
Panel Discussion
Aquating, soft ground, and hand additions
20" x 16"

William Powhida
A Philosophy of the Super Weatlhy
20" x 14"

Jennifer Dalton
Artist’s Candy
27" x 27"
(No longer available)

William Powhida
What is an Artist?
16" x 20"
(No longer available)