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Fair Dates: July 19-21, 2024

Fair Location: Elizaville, NY


Open call launches April 29, 2024

Submission deadline: Extended to May 20th (midnight EST), 2024 (or 500 submissions, whichever comes first)

Artists notified: June 5th, 2024

Artwork drop-off dates at locations in Brooklyn and Elizaville TBD (work must be packed for safe transport)

Curatorial Committee

Laura Raicovich, writer and curator

Seph Rodney, PhD., independent art critic and curator

Magda Sawon, Founder/Director, Postmasters

Manon Slome, Co-Founder, No Longer Empty 

Jennifer Dalton, artist and co-founder, Zero Art Fair

William Powhida, artist and co-founder, Zero Art Fair

Our curatorial committee will review all the submitted works to help make Zero Art Fair a strong exhibition.  The committee will also help us determine how much work we can reasonably exhibit and offer during the three-day fair.  We are also determining our capacity based on our fundraising efforts and partnerships. 

Application Details:
There is no application fee for artists to submit up to five works for consideration by our curatorial committee.  Before applying to the fair, please read over the following important information about the fair.  When you're ready, please click the link for the submission form below. 

FAQ: Please read before applying to the fair. 

Is there a fee to apply?


Can I submit artwork I own that was made by others? 

No, that would be mean. You may only submit artwork you have created.

What are the terms of the contract that will govern the transfer of artwork to its new owner? 

The model for the Zero Art Fair contract is currently available here . We are currently making a few updates to this contract for our use at the fair. The final contract will be available for artists to read before agreeing to participate, and all artists will be asked to pre-sign the contract ahead of the fair for each artwork. All transactions governed by the contract will be listed publicly on, and artists will receive contact information for their new collectors. For practical reasons it will not be possible for artists to ‘vet’ collectors who wish to take their work. 

What are the specifications for artwork? 

*We are not asking artists to produce new works for Zero Art Fair.  We encourage artists to submit works that are older than 5 years or have been previously exhibited.  

*The maximum size we recommend for artwork is 48" in any dimension. Zero Art Fair is a “no-cash and carry” situation, which means that artwork should fit in a vehicle so it can be taken on the spot.

*All artworks must be exhibition-ready, with hanging hardware as required. Works on paper including photographs must be framed.

*We are sorry but we cannot exhibit video artworks or any artworks that require electricity.

How will artwork get to the fair? 

Participating Artists will be asked to bring their packed works to one of two places: A central location in Brooklyn, or to the fair’s location in Elizaville, NY. It may be possible for artists to ship their works rather than hand-deliver them; we are working on that.

How will artwork be displayed?

By both conceptual theme and necessity, we will be working with the aesthetics of storage. Wall-based works will be hung on framed wire mesh “walls.” Small 3D works will be placed on large tables, and larger 3D works may be placed on the floor. We can not accommodate pedestals. 

What else should be considered?

The fair will take place in a large barn with high ceilings but no climate control.  It’s only three days, but please do not submit works that cannot withstand summer temperatures during July in New York’s Hudson Valley.  

Unfortunately we are not able to insure artworks during the fair. All artworks will be uninsured from the time we receive it until it is transferred to a new collector or is returned to the artist. We will make every effort to protect and take care of works while they are with us but the artists must assume all risks. Our contract does not require new collectors to insure works, but asks them to make a good faith effort to obtain insurance and to take all possible care with artworks during the vesting period and beyond. 

Am I required to be on-site at the fair?

No. If you do plan to travel to the fair and stay in the area we recommend arranging accommodations asap since there is usually very high demand in the area during summer weekends.

What if someone wants to buy my art instead of signing the contract? 

Participating artists will be asked to provide Venmo/Zelle/Paypal information so that if a collector prefers to purchase their work they may do so on the spot without Zero Art Fair as an intermediary. We ask artists to voluntarily contribute 10% of any such sales to Zero Art Fair to help cover the costs of the fair. 

Can you guarantee I’ll be able to borrow my work back if I want it for a show, or get paid if a collector later sells it? 

Sadly, no. We’ve worked with lawyers to create a legally enforceable contract, but artists still may need to work to enforce it. We are working with the language of friends and trust.  This is an experiment and there is risk. 

How will I find out who takes my work?

Will list all artist/collector matches on our website and share contact information for collectors and artists with each other. 

What happens if no one takes my work? 

We all hope this won’t happen but we have to plan for the possibility. Participating artists will be given the option to receive their work back, or they may prefer to never see it again and not ask any questions about what happens to the work. Sometimes one is just ready to say goodbye. We are exploring options-- storing the work for an online version of Zero Art Fair, or perhaps there will be local companies or institutions who might appreciate taking any remaining artworks-- but we don’t have anything confirmed at this point. (If you have any connections hit us up!) This just means you won't have to take back your art, unless you want to. 

Ready to submit? 

If you're still with us, please continue to our free application to upload your works.  There is a 2mb size limit on images and JPGS or PNG files are preferred.  Please be ready to include details including titles, dates, medium, and size along with any special display considerations.  This information will be used by the curatorial committee to help evaluate works and for feasibility.