Artists make a lot of work.  Unfortunately, we don’t sell most of it. 

The art market is built on a myth of scarcity and a highly choreographed limiting of supply. We know that contemporary art is far from scarce.

Since most people who love art can’t afford the high prices, a lot of art is left out of sight.

Through Zero Art fair, people can take possession of artwork without buying it,

becoming art collectors 

in the process.

Our platform allows artists to give their work away 

without giving up on future sales.

This is all enabled by our contract.

The contract allows artists to legally transfer ownership of an artwork after a vesting period of 5 years.

If an artwork transferred through Zero Art Fair is ever sold, 

the artist receives 50% of the first sale price.

Our contract also grants artists 10% royalty rights 

on all future resales of the work.

Zero Art Fair is not a substitute for the art market

It’s an experimental intervention into a system that doesn’t work for most artists or art lovers.

Everyone deserves to live with art. 

It's that simple. 

If you're interested in participating 

Apply now to participate as an artist.
Contribute financially to help support the fair.
Fill out our participation survey form to help out on the ground.